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Heritage House Resort
The jewel of the coast

In a location that is so exquisite, with a view so dramatic, and an atmosphere so enchanting, The Heritage House Resort is a haven where the wondrous inhabits the everyday. Where mind and body return to total harmony, and where your journey to inner peace and self-discovery can begin. Whether you are reminiscing about the past or creating a new beginning, we invite to withdraw from the busy everyday world…and enter into ours.

Our resort, which sits on 37 breathtaking acres, is known by the community as, “The Jewel”, of the coast. Since 2012, we have been entrusted in polishing this jewel and placing it back in its’ setting. With over 136 years of heritage to upload and a five year rest as a resort, our task is a labor of love and one that will proceed through 2014, with a continued multi-million dollar renovation. Rest assured that while you are staying with us, as one of the many to experience the first few chapters of our revival story; we have taken every precaution necessary to ensure that the ongoing improvements will not affect your stay in any way. It is our wish that The Heritage House Resort’s revival will capture your interest as well as intrigue your imagination and desire to return the same time every year to experience future chapters.

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Nestled perfectly among the trees & the sea Thomas Eldridge
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Open your doors to the sea

Our restaurant and lounge are still located in the main house and while the ambiance remains the same, the menus have taken on a new life. Farm-to-fork dishes and well-crafted drinks are the inspiration behind 5200 Bistro and Lounge, utilizing locally sourced ingredients from farms and vineyards alike. 

We look forward to welcoming you to the Heritage House Resort, a place that is at once totally modern and completely timeless.

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